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Kisan Buddy

Kisan Buddy is the most reliable source of fresh fruits and vegetables for entity, Distributors and organizations in bulk retailing and foodservice providers. Our efficient and effective supply chain solutions and expertise reduces your cost and complexity for your agri products requirements.
Fresh solutions are in our roots. Get a quote for high quality produce, organic options, and other fresh solutions to help your business grow.


We are currently in the supply chain of Tomato, Peas, Potato and Onion and supply across India.
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One by one hand picked vegetables directly from the Farm

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With plenty of experience in buying, selling and merchandising, we supply large Institutional buyers, Wholesalers and Stakeholders by constructing a technology driven supply chain and provide every farmer, greater valve for their produce.

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  • Usually agricultural marketing includes a long chain of intermediaries.
  • Conventional method of supply chain is unorganised, inefficient and ineffective. It costs too much wastage of resources.
  • Farmers face problems like transportation cost, inadequate market infrastructure, lack of market information, lack of processing units, storage facility, price fluctuation, etc.


  • We eliminate intermediaries by connecting farmers to the buyers by providing better deals to the farmers and best quality products to the buyers
  • Our modern method of supply chain is smooth, effective and quite organised. We focus on the demands and provide consistent supply accordingly.
  • With our cutting edge technology we provide adequate and truest information to the farmers about the current market.